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kitchen renovation bangkok

Kitchen Renovation Bangkok

Would you like to Revamp your old kitchen or to replace it entirely with a new one?

Your kitchen is the heart of your home where you will spend a lot of your time. Why not look into creating your Dream Kitchen. In conjunction with our team and with a Kitchen company like Kvik, ModernForm, or even Ikea, HD Renovations will assist you by providing ideas & informations on the best way to use your existing space to maximum benefit. Whether it’s information on the newest materials or just ideas to create your Dream Kitchen. You simply tell us what you would like done and your budget for the works, and we will explore all the possibilities with you.

Commercial Kitchen Bangkok

Planning and building commercial kitchen might be a risky task. To plan your commercial kitchen, you need to consider these few things. The first one is the space, then you need to consider the employee mobility as it might not be comfortable if the commercial kitchen is restricting the movement of the employee. The next thing to be considered is the health codes, and ergonomics. Also, you need to consider about the energy efficiency. How much energy spent for the kitchen is also important as wasting too much energy will not be good either.

  • Timeline and Budget
  • Floor plan and Equipments
  • Build or Renovate the Kitchen matching professionnals requirements and local laws
  • Equipments installations
  • Construction managed by a European foreman dedicated to your project.