Townhouse Renovation : A Love Story !

Bangkok Townhouse renovation

Complete Townhouse Renovation in Bangkok takes :
Vision, Patience, and a lot of Resources

Bangkok Townhouse Renovation expertly crafts single-family, multi-family and commercial structures that enhance our customers’ lives. A building that is well conceived is a positive catalyst for change and growth. Beginning with collaborative dialogue, we first partner with our clients to cultivate their ideas, forming a concept and then developing a cohesive plan for a successful project. This transformative process is ultimately brought to life through skilled design and expert craftsmanship. Our comprehensive and distinctive approach takes our clients from concept to completion.

Townhouse Remodeling Bangkok

HD Renovations Bangkok has transformed the living spaces of Bangkok residents and beyond using a unique 5-step plan that streamlines the townhouse remodeling process and ensures complete satisfaction. When you contact us to renovate your townhouse in Bangkok, this process will entail:

  • An in-home consultation to discuss your needs and possible layout ideas.
  • A design and proposal meeting, where we’ll provide an itemized work scope of your townhouse remodeling project.
  • A “kickoff” meeting to confirm construction details and take precise measurements.
  • Guidance with shopping for high-grade products, such as flooring, countertops, lighting, etc.
  • Construction managed by a European foreman dedicated to your project.
  • A thorough cleanup once construction is complete to provide you with a turn-key transition.

Bangkok Townhouse Renovation